Renee Cox
Working Hard With You

Renee Cox for Mayor, in Fishers, Indiana
My name is Renee Cox, and I am committed to making your voice heard. I dedicate this campaign to listen to your needs and look forward to being your next mayor.  

My campaign is built off of the following platform:

Strong Economic Development:

  • Pro-Active
  • 3% Commercial tax base
  • Highly educated and trained workforce


  • ​High-end, quality workmanship
  • Controlled by a master development plan/vision
  • ​Sustainable


  • Between government and residents, businesses and schools
  • Accessible to residents, businesses and schools
  • Accountable to residents, businesses and schools

Mayoral Candidate, Renee Cox

Renee Cox for Mayor


Renee Cox

"Community.  Coming together in unity."

It's Official!


Thanks for the phone conversation today, I was pleasantly surprised that a Mayor Candidate would call a small business like mine. Look forward to hearing more about your vision and direction you think Fishers needs to take to enhance the economics of the entire community, not just the chosen few. I was glad to hear that you are in favor of supporting the schools and local businesses and when it comes to spending tax payer dollars it should be done
wisely not wastefully.

Thanks again for the call,

Brent  Burton, Storage of Fishers


From the people of Fishers: